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Without a good excuse for disappearing for weeks at a time, Wilt and Captain John decide it's time for a new season.  Wilt and Captain John catch-up at Wilt's kitchen table late o...

Wilt and Captain John discuss growing up in a cigarette house. John has as a venmo scheme. 

Reality sets in when Wilt finally realizes he moved back to New Jersey. Captain John turns 30. 

John and Wilt get back on 287 and get pulled over for the third time. John takes a tour of a football stadium. 

Wilt and Captain John record a podcast while driving through New Mexico. 

Captain John faces his fears and leaves New Jersey for the first time in his life. Wilt says goodbye to California. 

Wilt and Captain John celebrate two holidays at once. Things take a dark turn for the worst.  John is still sick. 

Captain John and Wilt are back after disappearing for a month. They catch-up with the news and each other, and make fun of Christmas. 

This week, Wilt and Captain John will be featured as special guests on Late Drinkers The Podcast, recorded all the way from Ireland.  The recording above is not an episode of Why ...

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