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John is tired and hungover. Wilt discusses Father's Day. 

Romeo needs a cigarette. Captain John recounts an online dating encounter. Wilt sees a new use for Linkedin.   @whythatsfunny

Wilt heads down to John's Ranch for a Friday night in the woods. Captain John eats the Whole Foods Salad Bar. Wilt has too many beers. Special Guest interview "G" - from CaveLeathe...

John gets thirty dollars worth of free beer. Wilt feels better. 

Captain John and Wilt meet at John's ranch for a fun-filled Friday night.  John discusses Kanye West. Wilt gets smacked up. 

Wilt and Captain John discuss children's literature. Capatain John goes to the dentist again. One click ordering makes Johns teeth worse. 

Without a good excuse for disappearing for weeks at a time, Wilt and Captain John decide it's time for a new season.  Wilt and Captain John catch-up at Wilt's kitchen table late o...

Wilt and Captain John discuss growing up in a cigarette house. John has as a venmo scheme. 

Reality sets in when Wilt finally realizes he moved back to New Jersey. Captain John turns 30. 

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